Thursday, August 10, 2006

A minor experiment!

I have in mind a survey, which mirrors some recent research. I’d ask you to not try and Google up the paper in question until after you answer if you’re not already familiar with it. There aren’t any “correct” answers, but I’d rather you didn’t have the researchers’ conclusions already in mind when you answer. Some of the questions are from the original and some are my own. Any defects are mine alone, not the original researchers’.

You can reply to the survey by e-mailing me at or posting an answer right here. I promise not to name names and keep everything confidential. I also promise to publish the results within a few days of the last data being collected.

There are 16 questions. The first 15 all involve a base question, and you just rank how important you find the 15 factors to be from 1 to 6. 1=not relevant at all, 6=always relevant and extremely important. The last question is slightly different, and asks you to rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 7 (1=extremely “conservative”, 7=extremely “liberal”)

As an added bonus, you could help to one-up the original researchers and take the test at and report where your coordinates are. I think that could be more useful than the original 1 to 7 ranking. BTW, I’m only posting this here and to, but feel free to cross-post this elsewhere. I can’t guarantee I’ll get the results from other sites done within a week, but I will do them, regardless. Anyway, here goes, and thank you for your help.


“When you decide whether something is right or wrong, to what extent are the following considerations relevant to your thinking?”

1•The benefits from the activity accrued unevenly to the participants
2•Whether or not someone was harmed
3•The activity involved makes you feel physically queasy
4•Whether or not the people involved were of the same rank
5•Whether or not someone did something disgusting
6•The activity increased or decreased our unity
7•Whether or not someone acted unfairly
8•The person acting was cruel
9•How close you were to the people affected
10•The activity was frowned upon by authority
11•The person acting was compassionate
12•Whether or not someone betrayed his or her group
13•Whether or not the actor was duty-bound
14•The activity involved was base or vulgar
15•Whether or not everybody involved got a fair share

16 – Please rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 7
(1=extremely “conservative”, 7=extremely “liberal”)

17 - The Political Compass, if you dare!


Anonymous republocratarian said...

My gut tells me a correct answer would be:
"Sure, a free Combo TV/DVD Player sounds great, but, uh...what's it gonna cost me?"

10:01 PM  

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